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Experience a workshop with Kathleen Karlsen to discover ways to use chants for healing and self-transformation. Includes goddess chants, body chants, astrological chants, mantras and sacred art and more. Kathleen's topics are illustrated by her dramatic personal stories, lots of humor and her extensive research into the science of sound, art, color and form.

How does singing change the chemistry of your brain and heal your body? How does chanting affect the chakras or energy centers? What are simple chants you can do to shift your health and your consciousness?



The science of chanting has been explored for thousands of years in many cultures. Body Chant workshops encompass sacred toning, mantras, chanting and an understanding of body meaning or symbolic anatomy. The term Body Chant refers to the use of chanting to tap into the mental and emotional connections related to specific aspects of the physical body and to stimulate the associated meridians. 

Learn about the connection between gemstones and mantras in multiple spiritual traditions. There are healing stones associated with each of the chakras. Stones and gems can also be charged with positive energy through chanting. Come experience the combined power of mantras and healing stones!

Chants for the Throat and Thyroid

Learn chants and mantras for healing the throat, neck and thyroid. After over twenty years on thyroid medication, I found my voice and healed my thyroid with chanting as a catalyst.

Chants for the
Heart and Circulation

Learn chants and mantras for supporting the health of your heart and circulatory system. One in four Americans die of heart disease every year. An estimated 48.5% of Americans have heart or blood vessel disease.

Chants for
Vision and Eyesight

Learn chants and mantras for supporting the health of your eyesight and for developing spiritual vision. The third eye has been the focus of spiritual practices for thousands of years. 

Chants for the
Back and Shoulders

Learn chants and mantras for supporting the health of your back and shoulders. A whopping 80% of Americans experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Learn how to use chanting shift to a position of strength and wellness. 

Chants for
Digestive Health

Learn chants and mantras for supporting the health of your digestive system. More than 60 million Americans have heartburn or reflux. Learn chants to calm and heal your digestion. 

Chants for the
Lungs and Breath

Learn chants and mantras for supporting the health of your lungs and breathing. More then 35 million Americans live with chronic lung disease. How can you use manta and breath to keep your lungs strong?


Go deeper into the science of chanting and mantras with workshops covering the ancient science of chanting in many areas of life: meditation, astrology, sacred art, healing stones, shakti activation, neurology and more.

Sounds of the Cosmos

A bija or "seed mantra" is a single syllable that is a primal, universal sound. These syllables can connect to the forces of nature like fire and water. Mantras can help to remove deep seated emotional patterns and karmic blockages from the mind and heart and thus result in psychological and physical healing.

Astrological Mantras

Come learn chants to conquer your astrology! You do not have to be an expert in astrology to use astrological mantras. If the placement of the sun, moon and other planets in your chart is good, astrological mantras will make things even better. If the placement is challenging, the mantras will mitigate negative effects.

Mantras, Chakras and Healing Stones
Vibrational Healing Chants
Mantras and Sacred Art
Five Element Chants

This workshop is a tour de force through many types of healing chants: body chants, astrological mantras, five element chants, vedic chakra mantras and shakti activation chants. Includes an introduction the the science of Sanskrit and the impact of chanting on the brain. Experience mantras and the practice of kirtan with a focus on healing. 

A yantra is a visual aid for focusing the mind. Every yantra has a specific or exact power. Yantras and mandalas are geometric symbols that correlate with certain sounds. The symbols associated with depictions of various gods and goddesses also have deep spiritual meaning. Come explore how sacred art can deepen your spiritual practices.

The five element system is an ancient Eastern healing system focused on the transformation of energy from water to wood to fire to earth to metal. These five elements can be used to classify forces in nature, types of food and mantras! Learn how to use mantras to balance the five elements in your body and your environment. 



The Great Mother was honored is virtually every culture until the last 1500 years, when She faded or was removed from most traditions. In the last decade there has been a major resurgence of interest in goddess spirituality and earth-based wisdom. Goddess Workshops include information and chants in the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and pagan traditions.

Goddess Chants

Discover the Divine Feminine in multiple traditions! Explore the symbolism and characteristics of Hindu goddesses, little known female deities in Buddhism, and the Divine Mother in Christian and pagan traditions. Have fun with songs and chants to the goddess energy all around us and within us! 

Chants of Protection

Learn about protective goddesses and chants. In the eastern tradition there are fierce mother goddesses like Kali and Durga who battle evil on behalf of their children. Kali is an intimidating figure, brandishing multiple weapons with her four arms. She is the master of both time and death, a supreme demon-slayer! 

Chants to Parvati

The sacral chakra is associated with Shiva and the goddess Parvati. Parvati, also known as Uma, is the Hindu goddess of fertility, love and devotion as well as divine strength and power. She is the gentle and nurturing aspect of the goddess energy. Learn chants to call forth this divine feminine energy into your life. 

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