Sounds of the Cosmos

A bija or "seed mantra" is a single syllable that is a primal, universal sound. These syllables can connect to the forces of nature such as fire, earth, electricity, lightning and water. Mantras using these powerful syllables can help to remove deep seated emotional patterns and karmic blockages from the mind and heart and thus result in psychological and physical healing.

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Course Description

Course includes over 90 minutes of videos in ten parts featuring full-color illustrations, uplifting artwork, mantra lyrics, and Sanskrit translations. A two-page handout for ongoing study and reference is also provided.  

Course Contents
  • Intro to Seed Syllables & the Fire of the Heart (Part 1)

  • Sanskrit Seed Syllable for Divine Wealth (Part 2)

  • Divine Creation & Shakti Energy (Part 3)

  • Tapping Into Divine Electricity & Fire (Part 4)

  • Mantras for Divine Protection (Part 5)​

  • Seed Syllables of Divine Magnetism (Part 6)

  • Astrological Mantras (Part 7)

  • Vedic Chakra Mantras (Part 8)

  • Vedic Heart Mantras (Part 9)

  • Conclusion and Lokah Samastah (Part 10)​

Course Delivery

Once the course is purchased, you will receive an email with a downloaded PDF including links to the sequence of ten videos and  a handout to accompany the workshop (info, chant lyrics). The link to download the PDF is valid for 30 days--the course itself is available ongoing.


This course is hosted by YouTube as an "unlisted" playlist. The videos are not available to the public. The purchase of the course gives you access to the videos.