Sacred Fire Chant

Music by Kathleen Karlsen

Lyrics: Sacred Fire burn through me, Sacred Fire burn through me, Send your light through my soul, Sacred Fire burn through me


Meaning: The concept of sacred fire exists in nearly every spiritual tradition. Fire is a physical symbol of the removal of obstacles within and without, though used with caution!


Many traditions focus on the idea of the fire in the heart. In the West, this is sometimes referred to as the flame within the heart or the three-fold flame (power, wisdom, love) as in the fleur-de-lis symbol.

In the East, this fire may be referred to as lightning or a divine spark that exists within the cave inside of the heart or a secret chamber of the heart. The heart is the place where earthly fire meets etheric fire for literal illumination and enlightenment.

Sacred FireKathleen Karlsen
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Music by Kathleen Karlsen

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