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Why singing?

Group singing changes the chemistry of the brain and dissipates feelings of isolation and depression. Singing sends vibrations through the entire body, acting like an internal massage.


Why chanting?


The nature of chanting allows the mind to focus in a relaxed way and creates a flow of energy that is reinforced with each repetition. Chanting is a calorie-free, drug-free, full body buzz! For many people, chanting is the fastest and easiest way to a sense of freedom, connection and bliss. 


What is kirtan?


Kirtan is a gathering for singing devotional songs, mantras and chants. Kathleen Karlsen emphasizes singable chants from multiple traditions that are easy to learn and help to focus the mind. Participation in group singing fosters a connection with others as well as your own spiritual source. You do not have to be a musician or a singer. If you can talk, you can chant! See Events for more information.

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Listen to tracks from Kathleen's Vocal Medicine album. Tracks include Sita Ram, Padmadevi Chant, Lalita Shanti Om, Om Tare Tuttare, Devakinanadana Gopala, Parvati Parashakti and Lokah Samastah. 

This album is recorded as a call and response kirtan led by Kathleen Karlsen (vocals, harmonium) with contributions from Paul Bohak (Bass, vocals, guitar), Andrew Karlsen (udu drum, vocals, recorder) and Mahima Giri (vocals, kartals).


Purchase the Vocal Medicine book and CD.


These chants in the Buddhist tradition are in a simple, meditative style intended for use in your own healing or spiritual practice. Includes Gate Gate Paragate, Om Mani Padme Hum, Goddess of Mercy (Chant to Kuan Yin), Lochana Chant, Padmadevi Chant, and The Three Jewels (Buddham Saranam Gacchami).


They are recorded with voice and harmonium accompaniment only. Explanations for each chant are included. Recordings (approximately 7 to 11 mins each) and more extensive information are provided. Free unlimited streaming. 


Listen to Buddhist Chants.

These chants for supporting the heart are in a simple, meditative style intended for use in your own healing or spiritual practice. Recorded with voice and harmonium accompaniment only. These chants support the heart on all levels: physical, spiritual and emotional.


Explanations for each chant are included: Supreme Heart Mantra, Lokah Samastah, Goddess of Mercy, Mantra for the Heart, Kyrie Eleison, Heart Chakra Chant. Recordings are approximately 7 to 11 mins each. Free unlimited streaming. 

Listen to the Heart Chants Collection.

2018 Tracks: Nataraja, Gate Gate, Chakra Chant Meditation

These recordings include Nataraja (a traditional Hindu chant)Gate Gate Paragate (a contemporary take on a traditional Buddhist chant) and the Chakra Chant (an original chant utilizing the seed syllables for each of the seven major chakras). 

This are studio recordings with multiple instruments including voice, harmonium, tabla, guitar, strings, bells, horns, and conch shell!


Listen to these recordings.

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