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Morning Mantras

There are currently over 50 Morning Mantra sessions (approximately 30 minutes each) posted on Instagram TV with many different themes. See instructions below to access this series.

Donations to support Vocal Medicine events are greatly appreciated. 

See Instagram Profile and Instagram TV for Dozens of Events and Recordings

To find recordings on Instagram: 

STEP ONE: Go to the @vocalmedicine Instagram
profile. Click on Instagram TV icon in the center.
See Image below.


STEP TWO: If you are looking for a specific session,
swipe up to find that session. There will be titles on
each image. The example below is for the "Chants of
Yogananda" session. Tap to begin video.



"For so long I have craved starting the day with group chanting.... I felt like we honored the start of the day and set ourselves up for so much love and hope. We are so incredibly grateful for you and your offerings."    A.C., Bozeman, Montana