Kathleen Karlsen Leading Chanting and Mantras
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Sacred Symbol Sri Yantra

Mantra Consultations with Kathleen Karlsen 

Body Chant Consultations


Kathleen Karlsen, MA, KLI-3

Get a mantra playlist created just for you! Private consultation and personalized set of mantras and affirmations to support your optimal health and wellness. Consultations on Zoom.


Receive a link to custom recordings of healing chants for you based on Vedic traditions as well as the symbolism of various conditions and the emotional and psychological aspects of your specific health challenges. 

Music for chanting and for daily listening to support all of your efforts to return to a state of balance and keep yourself strong and thriving on all levels.



$45.00 Initial Consultation (30 mins)

Choose one:

$30.00 Twenty minute mantra set

$50.00 Thirty minute mantra set

Optional: CD of mantra set $15.00

(All consultations include downloadable recordings in prices shown above.)


Total: $75-95 Consultation/Recordings

Optional Follow-Up (30 days): $65

Private Consultation Plus
20 Minute Custom Mantra Set


Private Consultation Plus
30 Minute Custom Mantra Set


Hard Copy (CD)
of Mantras


Follow-Up Consultation

(30 days)


You will be contacted after your purchase to set up a convenient time for your initial consultation. A recording of the private consultation will be available in one to two days. Customized mantra playlist will be sent in 5-10 business days.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions at kathleen@vocalmedicine.com.