Supreme Heart Mantra (Paramjyoti Mantra)

Music by Kathleen Karlsen

Lyrics: OM HRIM Hamsah Sohum Svaha


Meaning: Om is the primal sound of all creation. Om can be viewed as the hum of the universe or the first sound of God’s consciousness manifesting as form. The form that this sound takes is the Sri Yantra, and ancient symbol featuring nine interlocking triangles.


The seed syllable “hrim” is a combination of “ha” for prana, space and light with “ra” for fire, light and dharma and “im” (pronounced “eem”) for energy, focus and motivation. This syllable relates to Parvati or Shakti and includes all three main powers of the Hindu trinity: creation, preservation and destruction.


“Hamsa” focuses on the inhale and exhale, helping to create a vibration that connects you to your heart and is healing for the heart, lungs and spirit. “Soham” functions in the same way, often using the reverse order of in and out.

Supreme Light MantraKathleen Karlsen
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Music by Kathleen Karlsen

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