Mantras and chanting led by Kathleen Karlsen at the Motnana Lotus Yoga Center
Vocal Medicine Workshop with Kathleen Karlsen
Kirtan at the Yoga Motion Wellness Academy with Kathleen Karlsen

About Vocal Medicine

Vocal Medicine includes the benefits of devotional mantras and chanting on all levels. This can be a solitary spiritual practice or the practice of kirtan (group singing).


Mantras and chanting change the chemistry of the brain and support ongoing health and wellness at the energetic, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional levels.

On the energetic level, chanting balances the chakras (energy centers) and supports your health by sending energy through the channels known as meridians.


On the spiritual level, mantras and chanting help to shift your consciousness and your thoughts in a positive direction.

Blissful meditation through mantras and chanting

On the physical level, singing sends vibrations through the entire body, acting like an internal massage. On the mental level, chanting allows the mind to focus in a relaxed way to create a flow that is reinforced with each repetition.


In addition, group singing release dopamine and oxytocin in the brain, dissipating feelings of isolation and depression. Participation in group singing fosters a connection with others as well as your own spiritual source.

Summer solstice celebration with mantras and chanting

There are also benefits from passive participation such as listening to mantras while working or exercising. Listening to music activates every area of the brain: auditory cortex, motor cortex, cerebellum and hippocampus.


Best of all, you do not have to be a musician or a performer to sing mantras. If you can talk, you can chant! For many people, chanting is one of the fastest and most joyful ways to gain a greater sense of freedom, connection and bliss.


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