Heart Chants

These chants for supporting the heart are in a simple, meditative style intended for use in your own healing or spiritual practice. They are recorded with voice and harmonium accompaniment only. These chants and mantras support your heart on all levels: physical, spiritual and emotional. Explanations for each chant are below. Links to recordings (approximately 7 to 11 mins each) are provided. Free unlimited streaming. 

Supreme Light Mantra (Paramjyoti Mantra)


Lyrics: Om Hrim Hamsah Sohum Svaha


Meaning: Om is the primal sound of all creation. The seed syllable “hrim” is a combination of “ha” for prana, space and light with “ra” for fire, light and dharma.... Read more and chant along with the Supreme Light Mantra.

Lokah Samastah


Lyrics: Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu


Meaning: This well-known Sanskrit chant is often translated as , "May all beings be happy and free and may my life contribute to the happiness and freedom of all."  Read more and chant with Lokah Samastah here.

Goddess of Mercy (Chant to Kuan Yin)


Lyrics: Goddess of Mercy, Let your healing flow; Goddess of Mercy, let your grace be known; Let your love be felt on earth;

Let your voice be heard


Meaning: Kuan Yin is the Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion. She is the Buddhist Savioress, a bodhisattva who has taken a vow to save all beings from suffering. Read more and hear the Goddess of Mercy chant.

Mantra for the Heart (Hrim)


Lyrics: Om Hrim Namah; Om Hrim Namah; Hrim; Om Hrim Namah


Meaning: A mantra of fire honoring the energy of the heart. “Hrim” is associated with the sun and solar energy. “Namah” or “Namaha” means “I bow” or “I give honor.” “Hrim” purifies the physical heart, the emotional heart and the spiritual heart. Read more and hear the Mantra for the Heart (Hrim)

Kyrie Eleison


Lyrics: Kyrie, Kyrie, Kyrie Eleison


Meaning: A chant of mercy beginning in pagan and Roman traditions, later adopted into Jewish rituals and brought into the Christian tradition in the 5th century. Learn more and hear Kyrie Eleison.

Chakra Chant: Heart (Seed Syllable YAM)


Lyrics: Yam


Meaning: The fourth chakra is the heart chakra or the Anahata chakra. In Sanskrit, Anahata means "unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten". At the same time, Anahata means "pure" or "clean". Read more and hear the Chakra Chant: Heart.

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