Goddess of Mercy (Chant to Kuan Yin)

Music and Lyrics by Kathleen Karlsen


Goddess of Mercy, Let your healing flow

Goddess of Mercy, let your grace be known

Let your love be felt on earth

Let your voice be heard


Meaning: Kuan Yin is the Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion. She is the Buddhist Savioress, a bodhisattva who has taken a vow to save all beings from suffering. She will forego full Buddhahood until all sentient beings are free. A beautiful legend is that Kuan Yin was on the threshold of heaven when she paused and heard the anguished cries of the world. She returned to earth to help all who are suffering. Her full name, Kuan-shih-yin, means "one who regards, looks on and hears the sounds of the world". There are hundreds of mantras in honor of Kuan Yin, goddess of compassion, mercy, kindness and love. 

Goddess of Mercy (Solo)Kathleen Karlsen
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This chant is also part of the Buddhist Chants collection.


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Music by Kathleen Karlsen

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