Fire Chants 

Fire chants emphasize the fire element, bringing transformation on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. These chants are in a simple, meditative style for use in your own healing or spiritual practice. They are recorded with voice and harmonium accompaniment only.  Explanations for each chant are below. Links to recordings (approximately 7 to 11 mins each) are provided. Free unlimited streaming. 

Durga's Protection Mantra


Lyrics: Om Hrim Krim Dum Durgayai Svaha


Meaning: This mantra focuses on the seed syllable “dum” and brings the protecting fire energy of Durga. This mantra helps to eliminate sorrow, obstacles and barriers. Read more and chant along with Durga's Protection Mantra.

Chant to the Sun


Lyrics: Om Bhaskaraya Vidmahe; Om Maha Tejaya Dimahe; Om Surya Namaha, Om Surya Om; Tanno Surya Prachodayat


Meaning: Surya, also known as Bhaskaraya, is the Hindu god of the Sun. Surya is often depicted surrounded by the physical sun, riding in a chariot pulled by seven horses. Read more and listen to Chant to the Sun.

Mantra for the Heart (Hrim)


Lyrics: Om Hrim Namah; Om Hrim Namah; Hrim; Om Hrim Namah


Meaning: A mantra of fire honoring the energy of the heart. “Hrim” is associated with the sun and solar energy. “Namah” or “Namaha” means “I bow” or “I give honor.” “Hrim” purifies the physical heart, the emotional heart and the spiritual heart. Read more and hear the Mantra for the Heart (Hrim)

Sacred Fire Chant


Lyrics: Sacred Fire burn through me, Sacred fire burn through me, Send your light through my soul, Sacred Fire burn through me


Meaning: The concept of sacred fire exists in nearly every spiritual tradition. Fire is a physical symbol of the removal of obstacles within and without, though used with caution! Read more and hear the Sacred Fire Chant.

Durga's Primary Mantra


Lyrics: Om Dum Durgayai Namah, Om Dum Durgayai Namah


Meaning: Durga carries many physical symbols of her power: a spear, a mace, a bow, a sword, a discus, a lotus, and a rosary. She received many of these gifts from masculine deities who wished to empower her to deal with both larger and smaller crises in our personal worlds and the greater universe. Learn more and hear Durga's Primary Mantra.

Durga's Shield


Lyrics: Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vicche



The word “Chamundaye” is a reference to Durga and the slayer of Chamunda, an evil demon. “Viche” or “vicche”means a “shield” and indicates Durga’s role in protecting her own. Durga has the role of destruction for the sake of universal harmony. Read more and hear Durga's Shield.

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