Durga's Protection Mantra

Music by Kathleen Karlsen


Lyrics: Om Hrim Krim Dum Durgayai Svaha


Meaning: Om is the primal sound of all creation. This is the hum of the universe or the first sound of God’s consciousness manifesting as form (Sri Yantra). The seed syllable “hrim” is a combination of “ha” for prana, space and light with “ra” for fire, light and dharma and “im” (pronounced “eem”) for energy, focus and motivation.


The “k” in "krim" is a hard consonant that creates an initiatory energy. The “r” adds the fire element and the “i” adds focus. The “m” is usually a reference to the feminine energy. "Dum" is the seed syllable of Durga and brings a protecting fire energy. This is an earthly fire like burning wood. "Dum" can eliminate sorrow, obstacles and barriers. "Dum" has a positive martial energy that brings self-control and self-discipline.


“Svaha” is similar to “Amen” or “let it be so.”

Durga's Protection MantraKathleen Karlsen
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Music by Kathleen Karlsen

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