Durga's Primary Mantra

Music by Kathleen Karlsen


Lyrics: Om Dum Durgayai Namah


Meaning: Durga carries many physical symbols of her power: a spear, a mace, a bow, a sword, a discus, a lotus, and a rosary. She received many of these gifts from masculine deities who wished to empower her to deal with both larger and smaller crises in our personal worlds and the greater universe.


In Hindu mythology, the forces of light and darkness are the devas (shining ones) and the asuras (anti-gods). According to Sally Kempton in her book Awakening Shakti:


“Both sides wear bodies of light and thought. They use weapons empowered by the force of their secret mantras….”    

Durga's Primary MantraKathleen Karlsen
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Music by Kathleen Karlsen

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