Lochana Chant
Music b
y Kathleen Karlsen


Lyrics: Om Vajra Lochana Lom Svaha


Meaning: Lochana is a female Buddha, the feminine counterpart of Akshobya, one of the five Dhyani or "self-born" Buddhas. Lochanā is pale blue in colour, and her name means "The One with the Eye,” or the "Clear Visioned One.” She is associated with pure awareness, she represents the pure, simple, direct awareness of things as they are. Her left hand is in the dhyana mudra and holds a vajra-bell, while her right hand is in the bhūmisparśa mudra and holds a five-pointed vajra.


This chant is inspired by the work of Vessantra (Tony McMahon), a British expert on Buddhism: "The Five Female Buddhas are a set of figures visualized in meditation. They embody aspects of wisdom, and through visualizing them and reciting their mantras gradually something of that wisdom ‘rubs off’. Most of these five figures have not played a very important role in the Buddhist tradition." 

Lochana ChantKathleen Karlsen
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Music by Kathleen Karlsen

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