Padmadevi Chant

Music by Kathleen Karlsen

Lyrics: Om Padmadevi Puspadevi Pam Svaha


Meaning: This is a chant to Pandavarsini, the consort of Amitaba. Pandavarsini is the "white robed one" vested with purity. Pandavarsini is the "white robed one" vested with purity. “Pam” (pum) is her seed syllable. “Padma” means “a lotus flower” and “devi” means a “goddess” or “queen.” “Pushpa” also means “flower.”


The mantra honors Pandaravasini as the goddess of lotuses and the queen of flowers. Pandaravasini is one of the five female Buddhas associated with the five male Dhyani Buddhas. The five Dhyani Buddhas are said to have existed since the beginning of time. They symbolize divine principles or forces.

This chant is inspired by the work of Vessantra, a Buddhist scholar who has researched the female Buddhas extensively.

Padmadevi ChantKathleen Karlsen
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Music by Kathleen Karlsen

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