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Astrological Mantras

Astrological chants function like adaptogens: they both mitigate difficult configurations and accentuate positive ones. According to scholar Dr. David Frawley (author of Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound): 


Vedic astrology is the main Vedic science connected to Mantra Yoga.... [M]antras work on a subtle level that reflects the same forces as the planets and stars. While astrological patterns are patterns of cosmic light, mantras are patterns of cosmic sound.

There are specific times when astrological mantras are the most effective: solstices, equinoxes, eclipses, new and full moons and sunrise, noon and sunset. Astrological mantras improve karmic outcomes at all levels to heal the body and mind.


Artwork: A Beautiful Dawn     karlsenfineart.com

Om Sam Suryaya Namaha

Astrological Mantra for the Sun

The astrological mantra to the sun (Surya) includesw the seed syllable "Sam" which connects to the fundamental vibration of the the sun, giver of life and energy in this physical dimension. The energy of the sun heals all types of conditions and is particularly advantageous for healing the eyes and vision. The mantra Om Sam Suryaya Namaha means “I offer salutations to the sun!”

The artwork in this video includes ten original paintings: Golden Joy; Central Focus; The Joyous Sun; Star Light, Star Bright; Far Flung Stars; Hidden Spiral; Fire in the Sky; The Molten Sun; Universal Fire; and Flaming Star. Help support sacred music and art with product purchases on this website! See coffee mugs with this artwork in the Store: Coffee Mugs. Or click sample images below.

Mantra for the SunKathleen Karlsen
00:00 / 05:36
Om Cam Chandryya Namaha

Astrological Mantra for the Moon

Mantra for the MoonKathleen Karlsen
00:00 / 06:02
Om Kum Kujaya Namaha

Astrological Mantra for Mars

Mantra for MarsKathleen Karlsen
00:00 / 05:40
Om Bum Bhudhaya Namaha

Astrological Mantra for Mercury

Mantra for MercuryKathleen Karlsen
00:00 / 05:43
Om Sum Sukraya Namaha

Astrological Mantra for Venus

Mantra for VenusKathleen Karlsen
00:00 / 04:39
Om Sham Sanaya Namaha

Astrological Mantra for Saturn

Mantra for SaturnKathleen Karlsen
00:00 / 05:10
Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha

Astrological Mantra for Jupiter

Mantra for JupiterKathleen Karlsen
00:00 / 05:13
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