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Sacred Symbol Sri Yantra

Healing with Art

Exploring the Deeper Mysteries of Art


My interest in the healing power of art extends into both modern science and the metaphysical. For example, the work of Swiss scientist Hans Jenny in cymatics demonstrates how sound and vibration create physical forms. I am also delving into the paranormal aspects of even more mysterious forms such as crop circles, the Nazca lines and more.


The yantras and Eastern deity images on this website were drawn by my daughter Rose Karlsen, an illustrator and art student. Yantras are similar to mandalas (originally associated with Buddhism) though usually less complex. I have enhanced her artwork with color, researched the power of the associated symbolism and created products featuring this art.

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Transformational Art


My own art is in two styles. The first is a colorful, highly textured style featuring idealized flowers, gardens, landscape and forests. See more florals and landscapes  on my Karlsen Fine Art website.


The second consists of fluid layers of paint depicting celestial vistas and natural elements. I am using this artwork in conjunction with mantras and sacred symbols to create products and accessories for yoga, mediation and mantra practices.


All of my art is aimed at transformation and healing. The goal of both styles is to explore the beauty of patterns found in nature, creating an energizing, spontaneous, relaxed experience for the viewer.

I am particularly intrigued by the synergistic effects of combined art forms for healing and transformation. This interest culminated in my master’s thesis exploring the connections between color and music.


My study traced historical and current efforts by philosophers, scientists, artists and musicians to develop instruments and protocols for artistic and therapeutic applications of multimedia productions. 

Find Art and Related Products on This Website


See examples of my art and related products as well as my daughter's beautiful illustrations on this website, currently available as Fine Art Prints and Coffee Mugs.

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