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Kathleen Karlsen is a musician, artist, writer and speaker focusing on the healing and transformative power of the arts. She has created over 150 educational and inspirational presentations and workshops. She is the author of almost two hundred articles and two books: Flower Symbols: The Language of Love (2011) and Vocal Medicine: Transformation through Sound (2019).


Kathleen is the owner of Living Arts Enterprises, LLC, a multimedia company based in Bozeman, Montana. She has created approximately 1500 educational videos over the last twenty years in the creative arts, natural health, alternative education and software sectors. Kathleen writes and narrates training videos for companies with an international client base.

Kathleen is also the founder and lead vocalist for the Vocal Medicine band, creating original music in Hindu, Buddhist and Christian traditions. Kathleen has taken three levels of training at the Kirtan Leadership Institute in Boulder, CO and has passionately pursued sharing this unique musical style ever since. See the Music for more information.

In the last decade Kathleen has also held over seventy exhibits of her innovative artwork featuring spiritual themes and colorful abstracts. She is currently creating a line of gifts based on her own art and the illustrations of her daughter Rose Karlsen. Artwork and gifts are available in the Store on this website and at Karlsen Fine Art


Kathleen's primary interests have always been the arts, healing and self-transformation. As a teenager she began to pursue complementary health, meditation and spiritual practices in earnest. Kathleen spent over a decade living in intentional communities (Quaker, Sufi and New Age). She attended several universities after high school, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in studio art (College of William and Mary) and a master’s degree in humanities (California State University). Later she completed a year of doctoral studies in adult and higher education (Montana State University).

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