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The pages linked below are topics related to Vocal Medicine™ and transformation through sound. Some of the material is adapted from the Vocal Medicine book. Other information is from additional, ongoing research. Enjoy! 

Kathleen Karlsen is a musician, artist, writer and speaker focusing on the healing and transformative power of the arts. She has created over 150 educational and inspirational presentations and workshops. Kathleen is the author of almost two hundred articles and two books including Vocal Medicine: Transformation through Sound (2019). More about Kathleen Karlsen.

Mantras have the power to transform your heart, mind, body and spirit. Some form of mantras or devotional singing exists in virtually all cultures and traditions. Mantras can be recited mentally, spoken aloud or chanted. If you are looking for changes in your inner and outer circumstances, singing or chanting a mantra is a very powerful approach. More about the Science of Mantras.

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Kathleen Karlsen

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Mantra Yoga Practice

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