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Vocal Medicine with Kathleen Karlsen Includes Music, Videos, Courses, Books and Events
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Welcome to the Vocal Medicine community! Learn to use the science of mantras to create a happy heart, a clear mind and a rejuvenated body. Thank you for your interest in transformation through sound.

Kathleen Karlsen recording chants for mantra album

Unlimited free streaming. Recordings of over twenty mantras and chants for your own spiritual practice and enjoyment. Includes Eastern and Western themes.

Astrological mantras in the Vedic tradition free recordings

Astrological mantras heal the body and mind at all levels. Free unlimited streaming of mantras to the sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter!

Vocal medicine book and CD of mantras and chanting

Save over 20% when you buy the Vocal Medicine book and CD together! Stories and research into the use of mantras and chants for healing and personal growth. 

Mnatras and chanting with Kathleen Karlsen on YouTube

Listen to album tracks and watch Vocal Medicine videos and talks on YouTube

Morning Mantras with Kathleen Karlsen on Instagram

Thirty minutes of chanting every weekday morning at 7:30am on Instagram live. More info.

Mantras in the park events with Kathleen Karlsen in Bozeman, Montana

Experience the bliss of chanting in beautiful parks in Bozeman, MT at 6pm every Wednesday. Info here.

“Sound is the medicine of the future.” Edgar Cayce

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